Friday, August 20, 2010

New Name For The Nets

As many of you probably know, the New Jersey Nets have been bought by Mikhail Prokhorov and will be moving to Brooklyn (right down the street from me) in a couple of years.  The papers have been filed to change the name, but no new name has been selected, that we know of.

Here are a few of my suggestions:

It seems like the Brooklyn Nyets would be a natural.

Brooklyn Bombers would be cool, but that is probably politically incorrect these days.

Given the controversy over the traffic congestion the new arena is supposed to cause the Brooklyn Jammers might not be bad.

And, of course, the Brooklyn Shooting Tsars has a certain ring to it.

Feel free to pass along any suggestions.

1 comment:

Davewillie said...

Here are some suggestions: Brooklyn Babushkas, Brooklyn Borscht, Brooklyn Chervonets, Brooklyn Kalgas. The Borscht is my favorite.