Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Finally, after too many distractions, back to Lisbon.  This time a day trip to Estoril.


Estoril was once a grand resort for titled Europeans and its casino, supposedly, was the inspiration for Ian Fleming's Casino Royale.  The lustre has faded a bit, but it is still a very nice beach with several night clubs and beach-side restaurants.

It is a relatively short and inexpensive train ride from Lisbon and that is how we went.

As usual, the trip starts with a subway trip, this time to the train station.

It Was All Just A Blur

Apparently the move to install machines is not limited to just the subway stations but also includes the trains as well.  There was some confusion but they did have someone helping people figure them out.  Still, it was a bit hectic.

Confusion Reigns

But, it was an orderly confusion so it wasn't too bad.  And before we knew it we were at Estoril and disembarking.

Off The Train And To The Beach

And To The Beach

And a mighty fine beach it was.  And, surprisingly to someone used to the crowds at Coney Island, uncrowded.

Beach Pictures

Right by the train station there were a few places that sold your typical beach stuff: plastic pails and shovels, suntan lotion, sodas, snacks, the usual.  I just bought an English language newspaper.

There is a really nice and long boardwalk that we strolled along, and even a little walk-up bar.

All Of The Amenities

After strolling for a bit we got a bit peckish and went looking for a place to have a little nosh.

Bolina Fit The Bill

Nothing like sitting by the sea and eating seafood.  This place really did hit the spot and, after walking the beach, the Mysterious Chinese Woman was ready for a beer.

Slaking Her Thirst

Breaking from tradition, I seem to have opted for wine.  Maybe I had a beer earlier, I really don't remember.  Or maybe this is a beer.

Who Knows?

And the food was quite good.  But then almost everywhere we have eaten in Portugal has had very good food.

The Mysterious Chinese Woman had some kind of a seafood shishkabob.

And Potatoes

The Mysterious Sister-In-Law opted for shrimp.

Fresh From The Sea

I Had Clams

After we ate the Mysterious Sisters headed off to, well, wherever Mysterious Sisters head off to.  I think they were going shopping.  Probably wanted to buy some plastic pails and shovels and play in the sand a bit.  I opted to stay behind and have some port while I read my newspaper.  And get sunburnt.

This Is The Life

Estoril must change once the sun goes down.  I suspect that is when the nightclubs start to crank up and the younger crowd moves in.  I read in the paper that there were some problems here earlier in the week when members of a couple of gangs got into it.  And as it got later the number of police in evidence increased dramatically.  But all was peaceful while we were there and we had a mighty fine day.

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That is such a great place to unwind, to relax and have some ice cold beers with some close friends.