Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nothing Says Beer Like...

Well, like Oktoberfest and Australians.  And what could be better than drinking beer with a bunch of Australians at Oktoberfest?

I have mentioned the Thirsty Swagman before in this blog.  They sponsor what one can only say are extreme beer drinking experiences.  And they have one coming up with room for another two or three people.  If I hadn't already made plans for a river cruise that includes visits to Berlin and Prague early in September I would seriously consider going myself.

Kenneth Hart, one of the organizers, sent me an email saying they had openings for two or three more people, so this is your chance to have what might be the ultimate Oktoberfest experience.

Check it out at http://oktoberfestpubcrawl.com/

I have already decided that I am going to be joining them next year.  The Mysterious Chinese Woman isn't so sure, but I have the vague feeling she wouldn't let me go alone.

Even if you don't plan on going you should check out the Thirsty Swagman website, it is a hoot.  And if it doesn't make you thirsty for a beer there is something wrong with you.


There is a fairly new Australian bar not far from me, Sheep Station, that I popped into the other day for a nice Coopers Sparkling Ale.  Australian beers, other than Fosters which is about as Australian as Budweiser, are not that easy to find so I look forward to visiting Sheep Station again in the not too distant future.  The food looked good as well and the people at the bar I talked to said it tasted as good as it looked.

The bartender, obviously Australian himself, was very friendly as was the crowd.  I would have liked to have lingered longer, but the Mysterious Chinese Woman tracked me down and hauled me out so we could meet my neice and a couple of her friends across the street for dinner at Ghenet, an Ethiopian restaurant.

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