Monday, June 21, 2010

Katie's Visit Continues

First, a bit of a flashback.  Before we left Coney Island we stopped at Footprints for some mighty fine Caribbean food, some of the best in the city, in my opinion.  A nice escape from the hustle and bustle of Coney Island proper.

I can't remember all of what we had, the Zombie that I started with might have had something to do with that.  I do know we had fish fingers.

Who Knew They Even Had Them

They came with an assortment of condiments and Katie really like the pickled red cabbage.  They were nice enough to bring her an extra side of it, too.  Just be careful of the habanaros.  They are deadly.

Obligatory Embarassing Picture

If you are ever at Coney Island and are getting a bit tired of the beach food I urge you to give Footprints a shot.  Beach food of a different kind.

Footprints Cafe on Urbanspoon

Later that evening we decided to pop into the Greek Orthodox street party just down the block from where I live. Great stuff, much of it cooked by the church ladies so it is the real deal. And they have great gyros too. Always a lively time.

Party In The Street

We Settled For The Gyros

They used to have Retsina, a Greek wine with a decidedly pine taste to it. But, alas, they haven't had that beverage here since, oh, for a couple of years, at least. I settled for an Ouzo.

The next day we headed to Chinatown for dim sum. It was Katie's first time and she was quite impressed by the variety of food that was available.

Loading Up Our Table

Digging In

Katie seemed to like most of the stuff, but there were a few things she wasn't quite sure about.

Monkey Paws Or Chicken Feet

Afterwards we took a stoll down Mulberry Street to grab a desert at Ferrara, a somewhat touristy Little Italy institution.

A Couple Of Heads With Cones

Eating your way through New York when you visit is kind of a tradition. While, actually, drinking your way through New York is more up my alley, but I was sensitive to Katie's delicate condition.

I've got a few more pictures of her trip, and I will try to get them posted tomorrow. Katie visited the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens with The Mysterious Chinese Woman and she took a bunch of pictures. Maybe I will throw some of those up as well.

I can't help but thinking that Tony Hayward, BP's CEO, is one of the most obtuse people in the world when it comes to public relations.  The only thing that can be said in his defense regarding his yachting around this weekend is that BP's Chairman Carl Henric-Svanberg has decided to push Hayward aside and turn over his duties to BP Managing Director Robert Dudley.  Still, you would think someone would have advised him to just lay low and not provide anymore fodder for a press looking to hang him out to dry.

Of course if I had been President Obama's PR guy I would have suggested he spend the week-end down in the gulf, not playing golf.

It is funny that nobody has hired me, considering all of the great ideas I have.


Michaela said...

The "Hire BarMan" campaign will soon be underway in the Gulf...

Meanwhile, do you have a dim sum place you would recommend?

Bar Man said...

The one we usually go to is on Elizabeth Street between Bayard and Canal in Chinatown, right across from the police station. It is on the second floor with both escalator and elevator service from the first floor entrance.