Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cruising To La Cruz

The other day a few of us decided to take a bus and head to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, a once sleepy little fishing village north of Puerto Vallarta. To get there you grab a bus not far from where we stay, the former Playa del Sol and Blue Seas and now, after a change in the majority ownership, One Beach Street Vallarta, Then you head to the large Walmart where you switch to a more touristy type of bus and for 20 pesos more you head on out.

The Mysterious Chinese Woman Leads The Way

No Dwadling

You were either on the bus or off the bus, and those on the bus included:

Valerie And The Mysterious Chinese Woman

Bill And Marcie

Sharon And Paul

Bar Man

Once we got off the bus we took a walk through the town and headed to a really nice little park.

How Pretty

It had been several years since I had been to La Cruz so we weren't sure where we wanted to eat. But we did know we were hungry and a wee bit thirsty. No surprise there. We ran into a couple who looked like they should know where to go and asked them.

Our Tour Guides

They recommended we go down a little cobblestone road until we hit a place called:

Ana Banana

It was just a little outside eating area with no view of the water and a cement block kitchen area. But it did come highly recommended by a couple of total strangers.

And They Have Live Music

Of course nothing says Mexico like sharing a big bratwurst.

Reminiscent Of "Lady And The Tramp"

After a few beers and a hearty breakfast we asked the waitress how long it would take us to walk along the beach to Bucerias.

Do Not Trust This Woman

Our waitress, who was a decent enough waitress, told us it would take about twenty minutes. And we believed her. Silly us. I think, maybe, she meant by bus.

Well, knowing no better, we did head out for a walk along the beach. And for awhile it was a pretty little walk.

This is still a fishing town and most of the boats that go out supply the surrounding areas with their catch.

A Load Of Snapper

The Scenic Walk Begins

Not Quite So Scenic

Are We There Yet

How Much Further

Oh! Oh! Buzzards

After walking for about an hour we asked some people we met how much further it was to Bucerias. They said another hour and a half if the tide didn't come in, in which case there would be no beach to walk. What??!!

We found a road that cut up to the highway and that was a good twenty minute walk. Then we caught the bus to Bucerias and that was another twenty minutes or so. I am guessing that if we hit the tide right it would have taken us at least two and a half hours to walk from La Cruz to Bucerias.

Oh well, life is always a bit of an adventure.

After getting off the bus we headed to my favorite little place, the Slanty Bar.

Thank Goodness, It Is Still Here

And let me tell you, we were all ready for some cervezas.

Mighty Refreshing

I ordered octopus cerviche to share but, for some reason, not too many people wanted to try it.

They Don't Know What They Are Missing

We took a quick little walk through the town and through the flea market before heading on home.

Watch Your Step

Checking Out The Flea Market

It was a fun-filled day with a bit of a longer walk than we had planned. On the other hand, we all felt like we had earned our cervezas.

I had my last ceveza at Sweeny's after we got back to town. Actually, I had to go to the bathroom after the long bus ride and didn't know if I could make it all the way back to my place. And it was an excuse to grab another beer served to me by the lovely and friendly bartender.

Semilla, As Friendly As She Is Lovely

And once I had my beer I was...

Almost Home

And that was our road-trip to La Cruz and Bucerias. Not for the faint of heart or the weak of liver.

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granola.freeman said...

I'm not so sure about the octopus cerviche, but that avocado on top of it looked incredible!