Friday, March 26, 2010

Another Road Trip

The other day a bunch of us took a road trip to El Tuito with a stop at Boca for a late lunch on the way back home. El Tuito is about an hour bus ride from Puerto Valarta and costs you a whopping 20 pesos. That is about $1.60 in U.S. dollars. And the trip is well worth it.

The Gathering Of Some Of The Troops

We had a pretty good little crowd, nine of us in total, for this expedition. We all got to the bus stop with no casualties, which is always a good way to start a trip.

And Onto The Bus

El Tuito is south of Puerto Vallarta and at an elevation of about 2000 feet it is a bit cooler, particularly in the summer months. It is also most definitely not a tourist town, at least not yet. There are a couple of small hotels though, but nothing really luxurious. It is a farming and ranching town so don't expect to buy any souvenirs. If you want to buy a carrying case for your prized fighting cock, though, this is the place to do it.

Carrion Luggage, If Your Cock Lost

After getting off the bus the first thing we had to do was pose for a group picture in front of the little pavilion thing.

Smile Everyone

Of course after the long and dusty bus ride we were happy to see this place.

Ah, Cerveza On The Horizon

Needless to say the rush was on.

Hey! Wait! Just One More Picture, Hey!

Such an unruly crowd. Actually, I was the second one there. The only reason Bill beat me was because he had to use the banos.

Early Arrivals

We were planning on stopping at Boca for lunch on the way back so we just settled in here for a few beers and some snacks. It was a very charming place and the people running it were very friendly. I had been to El Tuito a few years ago and this restaurant wasn't here at that time.

A Nice Little Courtyard

A bunch of tables were pushed together and soon we were all getting seated.

Pick Your Seat

And Having Our Cervezas

A Different Angle

We got some chips with our beers and four different things to put on them. There were two sauces, one of which was really hot. Not just really hot, but that sneaky it creeps up on you kind of hot. The there were pickled carrots and jimica and also pickled jalepenos.

Pick Your Poison

We also ordered some quesadillas which were quite good and obviously made on the premises.

The Quesadilla Maker

Valerie And The Mysterious Chinese Woman Enjoying Their's

Marcie and Carol seemed to be very interested in some pictures. They will probably spend their time in Boca looking at the pictures we took here.

What Are They Looking At?

Must Be Good

In Their Own World

There was a little, I guess you would call it a store, where you could buy some assorted liquor and pickled stuff. Just what stuff was pickled, not including us, we couldn't really determine.

Mysterious Chinese Woman, Jim And Bar Man Shelf Shopping

El Tuito is known primarily for two things, cheese and racillia. Well, we had already had cheese quesadillas, so that left raicilla.

Did Someone Say Free Samples?

Sometimes referred to as 'Mexican Moonshine’, raicilla (say ‘rye-see-yah’) is a homegrown version of tequila or mezcal that has just recently begun to become ‘legitimized’ through branding. The stuff they sold here was the "legitimized" version but the one I got in Boca was more the 'Mexican Moonshine' type. The stuff here was smoother, no doubt about it, but I kind of preferred the harsher, and more potent Boca version.

Of course I had to buy a bottle anyway. I will take it up to our annual Fishing Opener. It will complement the bottle of absinthe I am bringing.

My Baby

After our beer break some of us felt like a bit of desert.

Bill Needed Chocolate

Jim Opted For Ice Cream

But for some of us, nothing says desert like deep-fried pork fat.

Now This Is Desert

Strangely enough, not everyone agreed with this. Marge and I seemed to agree, though.

Simply Yummy

And I Agree

After our deserts we wandered around the town a bit to see what the stores had to offer. I was a bit concerned about Valerie's keen interest in the machetes.

Have A Lot Of Sugar Cane, Do We?

I wouldn't mind coming here and spending a night sometime. It would be kind of interesting to see just what goes on. There was a little area with restaurants and bars just off the main square so I expect it might get kind of lively once the sun goes down.

They are building a new stage area right in the middle of the square and I would expect that this will be done by next year.

Live, For Your Entertainment

As I said, though, this is not a tourist town so there are a lot of fields and kind of dusty streets.

Of course the Mysterious Chinese Woman can find something of interest wherever she goes.

Ooh, Look, A Bull In A Truck

She Did Take A Nice Picture, Though

And then it was time for us to get back on the bus and head to Boca for lunch.

Back On The Bus

Tomorrow, and it is hard to believe, I head back home to Brooklyn. Although I have been here for eight weeks there is still a lot I didn't get to do. Oh well, that is what keeps me looking forward to returning every year. That, and reuniting with all my friends down here.

Before I leave, though, I will post about our lunch at Boca. It would have just been too much if I posted about everything we did on this trip all at once. Actually, it was almost too much to have done it all at once.

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