Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bar Man Emerges Victorious

First, a shout-out and a welcome to Allen Welch and Terence Mulvhill, the two newest members of the Beer Party™ - I am sure you will both do the party proud as you proudly party.

Bar Man's Banana Coconut Cream Daiquiri Is A Winner

I will have more on this tomorrow, but I just wanted to let you know that my Banana Coconut Cream Daiquiri was declared the popular choice favorite at Daiquiri Dick's first ever Daiquiri Mix Off.

There were nine entries altogether, five professional bartenders and four amateurs, including myself. Although I didn't win the judges over, my entry was deemed to be the best of the bunch by the crowd who attended this event and I won dinner for two at Daiquiri Dick's. Plus, of course, bragging rights.

Tomorrow I will post more pictures and my award winning recipe.


VanMan said...

Congratulations...I look forward to mixing one (or two, or...!)

Splunge said...

Kudos! Congrats! Bravo!