Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day And Chinese New Year

Another lovely day here in Puerto Vallarta, and nothing says perfection like the sun, the sea, and a bag of chips.

Ah, Paradise

One of my favorite restaurants, although one I haven't gotten to yet this year, El Dorado went all out decorating for Valentine's Day.

Red, Red, And More Red

A bunch of us decided to combine the Valentine's Day and Chinese New Years celebrations by having dinner at one of the few Chinese restaurants here in Puerto Vallarta.

Peking Restaurant And Bar

Interestingly, although the place is still named Peking Restaurant and Bar, they have changed the name of their Peking Duck to Bejing Duck.

Studying The Menu

We had ordered the Bejing Duck earlier in the day and then ordered a bunch of other dishes off the menu. Everything was very good. As good as you get in most of the restaurants in Manhattan's Chinatown.

Most of us ordered manly drinks while we waited for our food -

And Then There Was Bill

Soon enough the duck arrived and was carved at tableside.

Duck, Duck, Bejing Duck

I can't remember everything we had, but I know we had a chicken dish, a beef dish, a pork dish, fried rice, noodles, and probably more.

A Small Sample

Marcie Digging In

The Mysterious Chinese Woman seemed pleased with everything.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

There were seven of us enjoying our feast.

Chris, Tony, Chris (the female one) and Bill

And a couple of Valentine's Day couples.

Bill And Marcie

The Mysterious Chinese Woman And Bar Man

It was a very nice dinner and when we finished it we headed to Bill and Marcie's place where Marcie had made a chocolate cake for dessert. Bill made sure that we knew that he made the frosting and frosted the cake. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture.

Marcie loves to bake, chocolate cakes and brownies are her specialty so I am sure I will get another chance to get pictures of her (and let's not forget Bill's) handiwork. We are having a deck party on Thursday so I should get some pictures then. And pictures of my specialty, deviled eggs.

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