Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Something Fishy

There is certainly something fishy about the weather, that is for sure. Another torrential downpour in what is supposed to be the dry season.

Just Walking In The Rain

It hasn't been consistently rainy, though. Thank goodness. Just the other day a bunch of us headed out to Boca for a fun-filled day on the beach.

A nice sunny day and just perfect for watching the waves and having a few cervezas and chips with salsa. All for just seven pesos on one of those buses that, at least according to a columnist in the PVMirror, only carries one or two people at a time. Now, granted, about half the people on the bus were tourists heading to either Mismaloya or Boca. But the other half were Mexicans heading off to work in the various resorts and restaurants that line the route.

A Crowded Bus Ride

That Got Even More Crowded

There are several little restaurants that line the beach adjacent to the Boca river and they all kind of blend together. Each restaurant have different colored tablecloths and the one I like has yellow checkered ones. They are all pretty good except the one closest to the river. That is the one where they shuttle in the cruise ship passengers and should be avoided at all costs unless you want to have mediocre food in the company of twenty or thirty tourists who have to eat and run before they shuttle them out and shuttle the next bunch in.

Enjoying Our Cerveza And Chips

The waiter said one of their specials was a whole snapper, which isn't too unusual. What was unusual was that they had a four pounder and a five and a half pounder. We took one look at the four pounder and decided that was for us. It looked like it had just been pulled out of the water it was so fresh.

A Really Fresh Fish

They split the fish open and then grilled it with a very flavorful barbecue sauce and it was simply fantastic.

Ready For Eating

Needless to say, not a bit went to waste.

Finished Fish

We also ordered something they called Mummy Shrimp. It was shrimp wrapped in bacon with cheese. Simply fantastic. Even Bill liked them. In fact he said they were the best shrimp he had ever eaten.

After our meal we were offered a shot of racillia that the waiter said his grandfather made on his ranch. He gave it to us for free, so I have no reason to believe he wasn't telling the truth. Most of the good racillia is kind of a semi-moonshine. The stuff that they try to sell you in the tourist traps is a low-proof knock-off and not worth the price. The good stuff, like this, is a bit on the harsh side and packs a wallop.

Here's Looking At You, Sweetheart

After our lunch we took a little walk up the river, kind of a tradition.

River Scenery

To get to the other side of the river intially you cross a fairly sturdy cement bridge. The adventure is after you go up the river a ways and have to cross a considerably less sturdy wooden suspension bridge.

Crossing The Bridge

It wasn't until we got to the other side that we noticed the sign.

It Doesn't Say "WELCOME"

It translates roughly to:


When we asked the kids on the other side of the bridge if it was safe they said "Of course." And, to be fair, the Mexican kids didn't seem to have any hesitation about scampering across. But, now that I think about it, they only crossed one at a time and were all considerably lighter than even the Mysterious Chinese Woman, except when she floats upon her orange cloud.

And, you may have noticed, I was sent over first as a test.

We all made it across safe and sound, though and then headed on back to catch another crowded bus home. All and all it was a most fun-filled day.

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