Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bourne Dumb

Okay, my last kvetch about The Bourne Legacy.

After seeing Jason Bourne's picture on television the clerk at the motel where he has checked in notifies the CIA or DIA or whatever agency. They, of course raid the motel. As they are pulling into the parking lot a large refrigerator truck is pulling out. The raid team leader runs up to the driver and tells him to "haul ass out of here." Why would they even think of checking the truck?

Then they discover that Jason Bourne has left his room and taken all of the blankets with him. Hmm, refrigerator truck just left, blankets keep you warm..., could there be a connection? Apparently not. No attempt to chase down the truck and no call to the roadblock to tell them to search it. So, of course, no thorough check of the truck is done at the roadblock and Jason escapes.

Okay, no more. My next post will be about Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year.

And no more Jason Bourne - this book is just too dumb.

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