Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pass The Pasta

We had our sphaghetti dinner the other night and it was, if I do say so myself, an unqualified success.

Of course the pasta is just part of the equation, you also need good frozen margaritas. That was my job and I made my lime/ginger specials. The first step is washing and slicing the ginger.

Ginger Vitas

Then you need to squeeze some fresh limes and oranges.

Puerto Vallarta Squeeze

And, of course, the most essential of the ingredients.


Tom, Peter And Marie Relaxing Before Dinner

The Mysterious Chinese Woman busied herself with the preparation of the pasta. I guess we needed this as well.

Well, It Is A Sphaghetti Dinner

Our friends brought a salad, garlic bread, chips and salsa and a surprize dessert.

Peter, Bella and Marcie Digging In

Bill And Marcie Enjoying A Nosh

Bella And The Mysterious Chinese Woman Chowing Down

And Bill

Oh, and the surprise dessert. Marcie is our resident pastry chef and although chocolate cake and brownies are her specialties, she branched out a bit for this delicious strawberry pie.

Berry, Berry Good

Here is Marcie scooping on the finishing touch, whipped cream.

Horns Courtesy Of Bella

After dinner everyone but me, who was playing the party pooper this evening, headed to Andale's to kiss the donkey. I stayed at home and watched, kind of, the Knicks lose their 7th in a row. I say "kind of" because I just watched ESPN's live update on my PC.

I might be able to post pictures of the gang at Andale, though because I think Bill took a lot of them. I just need to get his photo-card.

Tonight The Mysterious Chinese Woman and I are going to a cooking class. I will be sure to let you know how that turns out.

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