Sunday, January 17, 2010

Left-Handed Jockey Shorts

I recently thought I had come up with a dynamite idea for a product, and maybe it still is. Jockey Shorts designed for the left-handed.

For those of you who are right-handed, you probably never notice how penalized (heh, penalized, penis, Jockey Shorts) left-handers are when it comes to using standard products.

Take you average pencil, for example. Sure, you can use it with either hand, but if you hold it in your left hand the writing on the pencil is upside down. So what, you might ask. Well, how many times have you been asked to use a No. 2 pencil when filling out a form or taking a test? A right-handed person can simply glance at their pencil to make sure they are using the right one. A left-handed person has to turn the pencil over, losing precious seconds. Cummulatively this has probably amounted to thousands of hours over the years. Enough lost time to complete a post-graduate degree.

So far I have only found a patent application for shorts that can be utilized equally by left-handers and right-handers.

"An underwear construction having a trunk panel, an inner panel with an open edge for providing access through the inner panel, an outer panel having openings along opposed side edges, the outer panel overlying the inner panel, wherein the trunk panel, inner panel, and outer panel are joined to provide a wearer of said underwear selective unencumbered access to the penis through either of the openings in said outer panel and through the open edge of said inner panel."

So there may still be an opportunity for jockey shorts, briefs, and even pants designed just for left-handers.

Also, if someone who is right handed is facing you, the left-handed construction will provide easier right-handed access for said person. The market for this product may be huge.


Splunge said...

Screw the Jet game. More penalty yards than yardage? No first downs?

I'm off to the Waterfront. I need a drink!

Splunge said...

I knew going to the Waterfront for an Angus beef burger with bleu cheese, bacon and onion would help the Jets.

But was it enough? 2 minutes...

Bar Man said...

It was enough.

Mo said...

Try the horizontal fly (the H Fly) that Jockey offers on a variety of their underpants -perfect for Righties or Lefties!