Monday, January 18, 2010


Hey, I just can't help myself. For all of those who are not Jets fans I do apologize. Well, not really.

My hopes for a Jets/Vikings Superbowl are still alive.

Know what else would be gratifying? The Colts, who could maybe have eliminated the Jets from the play-offs if they hadn't pulled their starters and given up on a perfect season, get beaten by them next week. Now that would be poetic justice.

And remember, when the Colts did pull their starters they weren't exactly blowing out the Jets, leading by only 5 points.

And don't forget, it was the heavily favored Colts who were beaten by the Joe Namath led Jets in Superbowl III oh so many years ago. Of course back then the Colts were in Baltimore and The Raven was just a poem by Edgar Allen Poe.

For extra credit, upon whose bust did the raven sit?

Okay, I know. Having been a Jets since they played in Shea Stadium, it is always dangerous to get your hopes up too high. But damn, my hopes are up.