Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kevin's, But No Hobbes

The Mysterious Chinese Woman and I headed back to Red Hook to take in an art show that was displaying some photographs of a friend of mine, Arden Suydam. We, without too much effort, decided to head back to Kevin's for a bit of a nosh.

The Venerable Kevin's

It is always nice to start out with a spot of coffee, and they brew a mean pot here. My sister-in-law, the one who lives in Minnesota, has a cafe and coffee shop, the Left Bank Cafe. I often order my coffee beans from her, so I do kind of know good coffee. Kevin's is right up there with the best.

The Olde French Press

You have to love the warning labels on everything these days.


Usually I put the children in a cauldron and then add the hot fluids. My bad.

I decided to try something a bit different this time. I had the Adirondack instead of the Chesapeake. Similar, except this time instead of crab cakes on the toast they served smoked trout on the side on a bed of greens with a nice horseradish dill sauce.

The Adirondack

My friend Gene, Kevin's brother, is the creator of this nice little dish.

The Mysterious Chinese Woman knew what she was going to have before we even got there. She just loved her seafood stew that she had the last time and, by golly, she had it again.

I See Her Point

A Succulent Morsel, And Nice Fish, Too

Kevin's on Urbanspoon

There are a couple of places right across the street from Kevin's that also look interesting. I will have to come back one evening and try them out.

Brooklyn Ice House

Red Hook Bait & Tackle Shop; Fishing Club + Bar

Not too far from here is a VFW Club, so I popped in and talked to Bob, the head of the Membership Committee. Now, if I can dig out my discharge papers, I will send them to him to get an application for a membership. It is easy enough to get to from my house by bus and looks like it might be a fun place.

We headed on to the Art Show and I will post a few pictures from there tomorrow. Don't expect too much though, I didn't take any pictures of any of the art work.