Thursday, July 16, 2009

Art Show But No Artie Shaw

After our brunch at Kevin's we headed down to the new Fairway that has opened up. Nice place, and they really tried to preserve the building that they took over. Ikea tried to do the same thing, but they somehow fell short.

The New Ikea

It is still kind of a rough area down here, at least in terms of the decaying structures. Makes for kind of an interesting neighborhood though. This is the shot of right behind the Fairway and next to the abandoned warehouse that housed the Art Show.

Not A Golf Fairway

You can still see the remnants from when this was a much more vibrant port. Much of the business has now moved to New Jersey so there is a lot of just plain old decay here. Kind of strange. Beautiful location, right on the water, nice views of the Statue of Liberty. New York has to rate at the very top of totally mismanaging waterfront property.

Should Be Hotels, Restaurants, And A Marina

Of course the geese like it. The reason we have so many geese here is that someone, in their infinite wisdom, thought they would be a nice addition to New York City. So they captured a bunch of Canadian geese and clipped their wings so they couldn't migrate. A few breedings later and the new geese don't know how to migrate anymore. Oh well, aside from being aggressive, messy, and bringing down the odd airplane they don't do any harm.

Don't Fool With Mother Nature

I was inspired by the Art Show so decided to take a few pictures for my next exhibition. I shall entitle it "Windows."

Window 1

Window 2

I took these shots from windows in the abandoned warehouse where the Art Show was held. I don't think Arden Suydam has anything to worry about.

We were going to head back to Ikea to catch their free shuttle home but, what a coincidence, we passed right by Rocky Sullivan's

Well, It Is Here

So, of course, we popped in and wet our whistle a bit.

Whistle Being Wetted

Me Too

We had a couple of Six Points beers. Hey, they brew them in the back. I had a very hoppy IPA and the Mysterious Chinese Woman had a nice Summer Wheat.

We decided to just catch the 61 bus back home because it stops right in front of Pete's Waterfront Ale House (and right in front of Rocky's as well) and I wanted to stop in and tell Sam that the pork that I cooked to his specifications came out just perfect. Alas, Sam wasn't there.

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