Monday, July 13, 2009

And This Is Fun?

As you may know, I have been going to a few Staten Island Yankees games lately. This is just a Class A league so the quality of play is, well, not too good. But it is cheap, the food is free, and they serve decent and reasonably priced beers. They also have some very strange between the innings entertainment.

A regular feature is what they call Lemonhead. Now you tell me why this is supposed to be fun and why any parent would participate.

You start out with a bunch of pre-toddlers lined up with their parents.

Oh, How Cute

Then, one by one, the baby's faces are displayed up on the video screen.

Time For Your Close-Up

Next, and I find this morbidly fascinating, one of the parents gives the child a swallow of lemon juice.

You Can Trust Me

And then the aftermath of the swallow is displayed for the crowd to enjoy.

Isn't This Hilarious?

Finally, the crowd determines which baby had the "funniest" response by applauding for their favorite.

Am I missing something here? I predict long sessions on a therapist's couch for some of these kids. And what kind of a parent would actually subject their young child to something like this just to get a laugh?

There is much in life that Bar Man doesn't understand.

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