Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Opener Opens

I got into Minneapolis on Thursday night, went to see some friends play softball and then hit a bar afterward for a hamburger and a few pitchers of beer. Luckily we weren't heading up North until noon on Friday. Unluckily for my friend, Rico, the reason was because he had to go into work until 11:00 AM and had to be at work at 7:00 AM to get in his four hours. I got to sleep in.

As usual, we drive up to Hinckley where we stop for an eye-opener and pick up a few last minute supplies.

Our Traditional First Stop

We didn't stay long though, we had miles to go and friends to meet.

Just A Quick One

I barely had time to get a little cheesecake from old friend Mary.

The Stop Wasn't A Complete Bust

Our traditional gathering place before we hit the cabin is the Blue Max.

If You Ain't Here You Ain't There

A Couple Of Frosty Ones, And Cold Beers Too

We just hang out here until everyone shows up. This year there were eight of us, a good crew.

Well, Where Is Gus?

Still No Gus

One of the things that seem to be popular in the Midwest are meat lotteries. Why, I really don't know. We all threw in a buck though and managed to win a couple of steaks.

Ah, There Is Gus

I liked the signage in the bathrooms. You don't see too many of those "PLEASE DO NOT SPIT SNUFF IN URINAL" signs in New York.

I Kind Of Wish I Had Some Snuff

This sign was a bit of a puzzle, do you notify the bartender if the towel is hanging out?

A Dilemma

After we had all gathered and had a few beers we headed to the cabin where we had an excellent selection of wines.

Blackberry Or Concord?

Our first night's meal relied upon the corned beef and pastrami that I had brought along. We had also brought up rye bread, Swiss cheese, homemade sauerkraut, and Thousand Island dressing to make Grilled Reubens.

Jon Doing An Excellent Job On The Reubens

As usual we drank and talked well into the night but, at some point, it is best to just lose the camera. That would be the point where people start throwing things at me.

Have no fear though, I have more pictures that I will post tomorrow. I think there is even a picture of a fish we caught.