Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And The Opener Continues...

Ah, another day of, well, not fishing. Another tradition is to visit the bar within spitting distance of the Blue Max, the Eagle's Nest Resort. Although, I do believe that resort is stretching it a bit.

Another Tradition

We have been doing this for thirty plus years now and you can tell we are getting older. I remember the days when we would spring up these steps like, well, like younger men. Now we kind of lumber up them.

Jon And Bruce Heading In

Cubby And Chris Close Behind

Cubby, the youngest of our group (hence his nickname, Cubby) had no problem. He actually climbed Kilimanjaro a few years back. Quite impressive, if I do say so myself.

We were greeted by our friendly bartender whose name has totally slipped my mind.

Ready, Willing, And Able..., To Serve

Chris, Gus, And Jerry Settling In

The Whole Crew Minus Rico

Rico went over to visit his friend Skippy so missed out on our day's adventure.

Now, I don't want you to think that all we do is hang out in bars and drink during our Fishing Opener Weekend. Heck no, we also come back to the cabin and drink. In fact Bruce makes a special batch of beer to bring up every year. The one he brought up this year was exceptionally good.

Like A Proud Parent

Bruce came up with an ingenious setup too. Figuring out how to keep five gallons of homemade beer carbonated isn't as easy as it sounds, but this works just fine.

The Beer-O-Matic; Billy Mays, Where Are You?

Just Hanging, And Rico Is Back

Oh, yes, I did promise you a picture of a fish. We caught this bad boy off the dock. It put up a hell of a fight. When it pulled that bobber down all I could think of was Jaws and the barrels going under. A three-foot Muskie was seen lurking under the dock, probably making a meal out of these little guys. You can't keep a three-foot Muskie if you catch one though, they are too small.

Catch And..., Well, It Is Dead

One more day of pictures to post, but don't expect to see anymore fish.