Thursday, April 09, 2009

Nothing Special

No great bursts of creativity today as I had a fairly routine spinach omelet for breakfast, my usual, and somewhat addictive peanut butter and banana sandwich for lunch, and leftover pork stew for supper.

This is the Bar Man's spinach cooking method.

Just Plop It In And Heat

Of course you need to add a bit of water and then put it on the stove.

This is just to give you an idea of how little, other than the spinach, you need to make a good-sized omelet. You can see I don't use a lot of cheese, just one egg, and I only used half the onion.

The Ingredients

I didn't get around to cleaning my frying pan last night after I fried up the chicken. But then I thought, Why let all of that stuff just go to waste?

Hmm, Too Good To Throw Away

Now, I know, some might say that isn't healthy to use something that has been sitting out all night. Well, when I was a kid just about everyone poured the fat at the bottom of the pan after cooking bacon into a coffee can. The can just sat on the counter and you used the fat whenever you fried anything. Lord only knows how old the fat at the bottom of the can was. Probably as old as the catsup in the bottom of the bottles in the restaurants where they continually top them off. I don't recall anyone getting sick though, at least not from bacon fat.

Whatever happened to eating bacon? It seems to me that we used to have it for breakfast almost every day. Damn, now I am getting hungry for it. I will have to check to see if I can squeeze a package into my budget.

Sauteing My Onions And Garlic In The Fat

After everything turned translucent, kind of a brown translucent, I simply threw in the rest of the ingredients.

Everything Into The Pan

After scrambling it all up, I had a mighty fine omelet.

The Finished Product

I did have to drain off a bit of liquid after I plopped it on the plate. I guess I didn't do a thorough enough job of straining the spinach. Next time I will squeeze it a bit before I throw it in.

As I said, for lunch I had my usual peanut butter and banana sandwich. If you want to see a picture you can look at one of my previous posts. I kind of made it and ate it in a hurry because I was in the middle of playing WoW and my group was in the middle of Uldaman.

For supper I dug out my leftover pork stew.

Leftover Stew

After heating it up in the microwave, it was as good as ever.

Simply Yummy

I had a grapefruit as an after dinner snack because I was too full after eating my omelet to have it for breakfast.

And thus ended the eighth day.