Friday, April 10, 2009

A Good Good Friday

Started the morning with a nice bowl of oatmeal with my usual dried bananas and raisins.

My Steaming Plop Of Glop

For lunch I changed my routine and had something a little different.

Can You See The Difference?

Very observant, it was the end of the loaf so I had the heel with my meal. If you are Observant, would you be allowed to read this today?

Taking A Bite Out Of Hunger

For dinner I decided to have a chicken leg and thigh and some pasta. To flavor the chicken I used some garlic and ginger.

The Ingredients

I broke out the Global knife that the Mysterious Chinese Woman gave me for Christmas one year. It is uber sharp, I one time sliced off a bit of my finger and didn't even feel it. I only use it for special occasions, like finely chopping stuff.

Finally Chopped Ginger And Garlic

Then I gently separated the skin from the chicken and stuffed in the chopped ginger and garlic.

There Really Should Be A Funny Caption

Next step was to simply brown the chicken and then lower the heat and let it fry.

Looking Good

Nothing special for the spaghetti sauce, just some garlic, onion, and some leftover pork fat that I chopped up.

Toss It All Into The Pan

I had half a can of leftover tomato sauce so after the onion and garlic were translucent I tossed it in.

The Sauce Is Almost Done

While the sauce was simmering I cooked up the pasta and when every thing was done it looked like this:

My Dinner

And, when it was all over, I had another bone for my bone bag.

Stock Worthy

I hit Met today to stock up on some more supplies, and here is what I ended up with.

Mostly Protein

I think I have all the meat that I will need for the rest of this month. I bought another pork shoulder, 6.89 pounds at 79 cents a pound for $5.44 and beef bottom round roast, 4.69 pounds at $1.99 a pound for $9.33.

I figured I could use a little beef in my diet and I cut off six steak sized slices from the roast.

Staking Myself To Steaks

These are pretty big cuts so it wouldn't surprise me if each of them lasted me for two days. They might be a little tough if I just fry or broil them. I think I will broil the first one and see how it turns out.

After cutting off the "steaks" I still had a good sized chunk that I will fix more like a traditional roast.

A Little Roast

I also bought a couple of sweet potatoes and a couple of Idaho potatoes for a total of $1.93. I kind of messed up on the bread though. I could have gotten two loaves for $5 but I just bought one and it cost me #3.44.

The total that I spent was $20.14 bringing my total expenditures to date to $99.62. Again, it might seem that I am over-budget, but when you figure that I probably have more then enough meat to last me through the month and, as I posted a couple of days ago, a lot of other stuff as well, I think I am in pretty good shape. I am one up on my grapefruits because I never got around to eating one today.

Tomorrow I will roast up the pork, even though I am hankering to try one of those steaks. Guess that will have to wait until Sunday.