Monday, October 01, 2007


It was a beautiful day yesterday, unless you were a Jets or a Mets fan. Well, anyway, the weather was beautiful and the Atlantic Antic once again lived up to expectations.

As usual, Atlantic Avenue was jammed with people from Fourth Avenue to, almost, but not quite, Monetero.

Curb To Curb People

I headed a bit west of the end of Atlantic Antic to take a peek at a Russian Navy training vessel that was moored there.

Russian Training Vessel

I guess we don't have to worry too much about the Russian Navy if this is what they are using to train their sailors. I suspect their Army uses wooden rifles.

As long as I was this close to the waterfront I decided, surprise, to stop in to Montero for a quick one.


My pal Pilar was there in her usual spot having a glass of white wine and before the Mets game even started she proclaimed that their season was over. I shall now call her Pilar the Prophet. She also proudly told me that she was a great-great-grandmother for the fifth time and had spent yesterday visiting the newest addition to her family. Good for Pilar.

As you can see, Montero is indeed just across the street from the end of Atlantic Antic.

So Close, Yet So Far

Heading back into the morass, La Mancha was doling out a dynamite Sangria and a nice selection of Spanish delicacies including one of my favorite, grilled sardines.

Making The Sangria

And Sardines Too

The music was already cranking up at The Chip Shop, a British themed bar that has very good fish and chips, as you might imagine.

British Rock

Just down the street is a very good Mexican restaurant, Mezcal, and they were already drawing a good crowd as well.

Mexican Street Food Right Here In Brooklyn

Right next door to Mezcal is my favorite, Pete's Waterfront Ale House. Their specialties today were pulled pork and pulled beef sandwiches. As you can see, they are serious about their food, everything was definitely being made fresh.

Pork Butts Ready For Pulling

And the crowds, knowing a good thing when they smell it, were queued up to get their barbecue fix.

Worth The Wait

Sam, the owner, as always, was keeping a close eye on things. The only complaint I have about Sam is that he takes himself well to0 seriously. He really needs to lighten up a bit.

Somber Sam

Not really somber though. Anyone who advertises his bar as having warm beer, lousy food, and an ugly owner isn't taking himself too seriously. As evidenced by the crowd, nobody else takes Sam seriously either.

And, to make things even better, one of my favorite bands, The Black Coffee Blues Band was playing out front.

The Black Coffee Blues Band

There was a lot more to see and hear and eat so I will post about the rest of the Atlantic Antic tomorrow. Stay tuned for more, this might give you an incentive to check back.

Preview Of Coming Attractions

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