Tuesday, October 02, 2007


And on to the rest of the day, and it was a full and fun-filled day.

Right across the street from Pete's Waterfront Ale House is Last Exit. In fact, once this was the long-time home of Pete's. I remember one night, long ago, that I was in there with a couple of friends and the Jagermeister Girls showed up. A night almost too horrible to think about capped off by an early morning subway ride out to Coney Island for a greasy breakfast and a ride on the Cyclone. The fact that none of us actually threw up was a minor miracle. But I digress.

Last Exit seemed to fixate on, well, I am not sure of the genre. Schoolboy erotic fantasy bands, I guess. I am assuming that schoolboys fantasize about erotic schoolgirls.

Now I did say that the Atlantic Avenue had a somewhat eclectic selection of foods, and this offering by Jolie, a mighty fine French restaurant, kind of proved the point.

Hmm, Yummy

I am sure they didn't let that head go to waste, it was obvious that nothing else did.

Picked Clean

Brazen Head was going strong and although they didn't serve any food, their mini-beer garden certainly drew a crowd.

Brazen Head's Beer Garden

They also had a stage set up and a dynamite group, the Dysfunctional Family Jazz Band, was putting on one heck of a show. And, they really were all family members. Whether they were truly dysfunctional, I do not know. One thing for sure, you don't have to polish your saxophone for it to sound good.


Hank's Saloon was packed but I am not sure if these two guys out front were actually a scheduled part of the entertainment. They were the only ones who were soliciting tips from the crowd. They didn't sound bad though.

Street Musicians At A Street Fair

Of course no New York street fair is complete without roasted corn on the cob and jerk chicken.

Roasting The Corn

But not every street fair has Halal jerk chicken. Now that is what makes the Atlantic Antic so special.

Not Your Everyday Jerk Chicken

And, gasp, Bar Man discovered a bar that he has passed by numerous times without even realizing it was there. Downtown Atlantic looks, from the street, like a bakery. And it is. Supposedly their cheesecake rivals that of the more famous Juniors. If it hadn't been for the large sign, put up for the day, advertising Tommy Bahama Rum I would have passed it by again.

A Pleasant Surprise

Taking a closer look at their sign, I did see that it announces itself as a restaurant and bar, but in very small print.

Keeping It A Secret

The current New Jersey Nets will be moving to Brooklyn one day if they ever resolve all of the disputes about building the new arena in my neighborhood. I used to be an avid Knicks fan for a number of years. Season ticket holder, in fact. My interest started to falter when they brought in Isiah Thomas as the General Manager. Although I liked him as a player he almost single-handedly ruined the Continental Basketball Association when he was its owner. And I never did forgive him for saying that Larry Bird, one of my favorite players of all time, would have been considered just average if he had been black.

When he brought in Stephon Marbury I just gave up all together and haven't been back after that initial season. Anytime a now only above average point guard refers to himself as "Starbury" and proclaims himself as the best point guard in the NBA you know you are dealing with someone delusional. Plus, I never forgave him for bolting from the Timberwolves because he knew he could never be the star of the team. That role belonged to Kevin Garnett. And you will notice how well all of the teams he has been a star on have done. They always seem to get better when he leaves.

Oh, and if you think I might be a bit harsh on Isiah and Stephon, just look at the Knicks record of the past few years. And watch Dolan and Thomas lose that sexual harassment suit too. Remember, I am posting this before the verdict is out but I will eat this blog if they are not found guilty. Of course if I am wrong I will just delete this paragraph.

Ah, but I went off on another tangent there. Anyway, when the Nets do move to Brooklyn I may once again become a basketball fan. And I will be able to walk to the games.

Holding Out Hope

But, back to the Atlantic Antic. There truly was just about every kind of music on just about every corner.

Steel Drums

You Be The Judge

Some things, however, didn't attract too much of a crowd. Jeez, I wonder why. I mean who wouldn't want a patch of hair removed from their back in the middle of a crowd?

But, It Is Free

As the day began to wind down I headed back towards Pete's and stopped to listen to the band on the stage across from Magnetic Field, another great bar in the neighborhood.

Magnetic Field's Stage

I noticed that Pete's chef was taking a break and enjoying a cold one with the owner of Magnetic Field.

Taking A Break

Four of my friends had decided to call it quits but the four of us who were left decided to finish off the day by stopping into Pete's Waterfront Bar for some barbecued ribs and beef brisket. Award winning stuff, for sure.

Some Of The Awards

Thoroughly stuffed we toddled off home and I vowed to live a life of moderation. Well, at least until Saturday when the Mysterious Chinese Woman's uncle is throwing an 80th birthday party for himself in Chinatown. You better believe there will be a lack of moderation that night.


Cynnkitty said...

did you catch Mary Weiss ( of the Shangri- Las), or were you already in the waterfront by then??
I had to miss the Antic as I had plans to meet friends at the Hoboken Art and Music Festival. Looks like you had a good time!
Enjoy your blog!

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