Thursday, March 24, 2011

Starting To Say Goodbye

Ah, it is starting to get to be that time when our friends down here begin returning home. And it won't be long before we follow them. Well, we won't be following them to their home, that would be kinky, but we will be returning home ourselves.

The first to head back were Allison and Steve, so I threw them a little farewell party and made a special drink, just for them.

My Goodbye Steve And Allison Special

I tried to capture the essence of Puerto Vallarta's sun and sea in a glass. Plus I also got rid of some leftover Banana Daiquiri (to which I added a lot of the healthy blue food coloring), orange juice and Champagne. But it did end up looking kind of cool, and didn't taste half-bad, either.

Pretty Good, If I Do Say So

Some of the usual suspects showed up to say their goodbyes, including, of course, Steve and Allison.

Those Who Were About To Depart

Marcie And Bill

Marcie couldn't stay too long though, she had some kind of a church social that she had to attend. I think it was sponsored by The Ladies Of The Pew. But don't quote me on that.




Just a small, intimate gathering that, as the actual hour of departure drew nigh, deteriorated into disgusting displays of affection that we will all try to wipe from our collective consciousness.

You Younger Readers Should Leave The Room Now

I think Allison wanted to take the Mysterious Chinese Woman home with her.

I Will Just Put Her In The Overhead Bin

When the Mysterious Chinese Woman refused to be parted from her beloved Bar Man, Allison was almost inconsolable.

Almost, But Not Quite

And then, they were off and the party (at least this party) was over. But there is always next-year, and we will always have Puerto Vallarta.

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