Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shutting Down Shop, For Now

Today is our last full day here in lovely Puerto Vallarta.  The Mysterious Chinese Woman is busy packing everything away and I am busy staying out of the way.  We will have one last supper here tonight with our friends Bill and Marcie and then head home tomorrow.  I always hate to leave, but once I am back home in Brooklyn I quickly adapt and am happy to be there as well.

You can tell that over the years Puerto Vallarta has become much more prosperous.  Even the dogs are well dressed these days.

Putting On The Dog

The other night I finally got to a place that I have been wanting to go to for years.  Just one of those places that, for some reason or another, you never get around to.  It isn't that far from where we stay, but a bit more of a walk then most places and back from the bay.  But it has always looked so nice.

Casa Naranjo

It has always gotten good reviews from people who have eaten there but never seems very busy.  It is only open for dinner so, usually, when I walk by the place it is closed.  I am glad we did get there, though, because the food was excellent and the service was as well.

Of course we started out with a pre-dinner libation.

White Wine For The Lady

A Margarita For Bar Man

While we were enjoying our drinks we were presented with a little "Chef's Present" to nibble on.

The Present From The Chef

These were little bits of, I believe, mahi mahi, with a crispy crust.  The Mysterious Chinese Woman thought they looked like shark fins and that the tomato looked like one of their victims.  I think she was trying to put me off my feed so she could have an extra one.  Not that it worked, of course.

I ordered mussels in a chipotle sauce for an appetizer and they were okay.  A bit too chewy in my opinion, but the sauce was good.

Chew On This For Awhile

We got a complimentary bread basket and that was certainly a big hit, at least with the Mysterious Chinese Woman.

She Claims To Be Well Breaded

For the main course I ordered the lamb chops and I thought they were excellent.  Nice and tender and done just the way I asked for, a bit pink in the middle.

Quite Delicious Lamb Chops

The Mysterious Chinese Woman ordered the duck.  She said she thought the duck at River Cafe was better, but she said that this was also quite good.  I had a taste and thought it was really very good.  And, again, it was prepared just the way she asked for it, just a bit pink inside.  Nothing worse, in my opinion, than stuff that is overcooked.

A Very Tasty Duck

I finished off my dinner with an Irish coffee that was better than what you get in most Irish bars in New York.  The whipped cream that topped it off was, dare I say, simply scrumptious.

Now This Really Hit The Spot

The Mysterious Chinese Woman ordered a chocolate, pastry, fruit crepe type of dessert that was also really good.

And She Shared

All and all it was a very good dining experience.  We got there shortly after it opened at 6:00 PM and were the only people there for quite awhile.  As we were eating another party of four showed up, but that was it.  Maybe they get more business latter in the evening.  I certainly hope so because it really was a very good restaurant and I sure would like to see it succeed.  It has been around for a number of years, though, so hopefully it will be here again next year.

I am closing down shop now, so although I have more Puerto Vallarta stuff to post, I won't be getting to it until Monday at the earliest.  But be sure to check back then.

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