Monday, January 24, 2011

There Is Always Next Year

Well, you can't spot a team 24 points and expcect to win. But you have to admit, the Jets did still manage to make it exciting at the end.

I didn't want go public with a dream that I had last week for fear of jinxing the Jets, but I thought I would share an email that I sent to a friend last Thursday:

From: Dan Freeman (
Sent: Thu 1/20/11 12:50 PM
To: (


Bad enough that the Jets are on the cover of Sports Illustrated, I dreamt that they lose 19 to 28.


I am not looking forward to reading the papers or watching Sports Center today.

I saw where Jack Lalanne died the other day at age 96. I immediately thought that they should run him through one of his juicers and sell the extracted liquid as a vitamin supplement. Perhaps a bit macabre, but then I myself would like to be made into sausages. Beer sausages, of course.

Now that the Jets season is over I have only the Knicks to fall back on, and they have just lost six games in a roll.  Now the Associated Press, as reported in the New York Daily News, says that the Knicks "are in the midst of a six-game skid."  It seems to me that if you have just lost six-games you aren't in the midst of a six-game skid, you are at the end of it.  They were in the midst of a six-game skid after they lost three in a row.

Excuse me if I sound a bit grouchy, but did everyone but Brian Schottenheimer think it was a bad idea not to just run the ball when you had three downs to make one yard.  I know I was yelling at the televison after the first incomplete pass and was in agony after the second.  Of course given that the Jets only made one yard in the entire first half, I am guessing they weren't too confident in their running game.

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