Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day Ja View

Well, here we go again.  Sure, it looked like just a few flakes coming down yesterday, but the snow blew in last night.  Almost 16 inches in Central Park.  And in my neighborhood?

Our Sidewalk Was Shoveled

I still don't know why they park these two little police thingies in front of our place, but they have been there for months and I don't think the one by the mailbox has moved in all that time.

Not Going Anywhere Today, Either

At least this time around the streets were all plowed early.

Good Job

I think this guy should have taken advantage of the nearby parking garage.

Some Digging Out To Do

Once again, though, after schlepping my way to the nearby deli to pick up the morning paper I discovered they hadn't been delivered yet.

Just three more days and I will be heading to the sunshine and beaches of Puerto Vallarta and leaving all of this behind.  And I can hardly wait.  We have shattered the record for snow in January and that Christmas Day snowstorm was something else again too.

After years, and thanks to one of my Mysterious Sister-In-Laws, I have finally deciphered the rule for when Minnesota has its annual Fishing Opener.  It is, by law, two weekends before Memorial Day.  And, once again, it is not on Mothers Day this year.

Anyone think that Gil Meche had a touch more class than Brett Favre when it came to retiring?

Is it just me, or is Hillary Clinton begining to look more and more like the woman who lived under the radiator in the movie Eraserhead?

Just Asking

And, finally, after watching an episode of BBC's Law and Order I have to wonder, do they use prosthetics to make the actors teeth look bad, or do the actors really have bad teeth.  In the United States version even the bad guys have good teeth.

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michelle said...

I find it astounding that you have so much more snow than we do in Maine.