Sunday, December 12, 2010

Monday Night Football

I guess Favre must have said he needed another day to get ready.

And the Jets managed to have yet another game, their fourth, without scoring a touchdown as they lost to the Dolphins.

Who would think the high point of the day would have been watching the Knicks.  They actually beat a good team, the Nuggets, in an exciting game.  And Amare Stoudemire set a Knicks record by scoring 30 points or more in eight straight game.

I am reading Keith Richards' autobiography, "Life."  So far it is pretty good, but I think his knowledge of geography is a bit lacking.  He goes on a bit about how the Rolling Stones were originally a blues band, steeped in the history and culture of the delta, etc., etc., etc.  In one passage he says:

"Our thing was playing Chicago blues; that was where we took everything that we knew, it was our kickoff point, Chicago.  Look at that Mississippi River.  Where does it come from?  Where does it go?  Follow that river all the way up and you'll end up in Chicago."

Ah, somehow I seriously doubt you will end up in Chicago if you follow the Mississippi River all the way up.  You might end up in Minneapolis, though.  Or, maybe, Bemidji, if you keep following it.  Or Lake Itasca, if you really want to follow it all the way.  Chicago is on Lake Michigan, a slightly larger body of water than Lake Itasca. 


Splunge said...

Speaking of the Jets...

OOH! Look! The Metrodome roof collapsed!

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