Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Meandering Around Town

The Mysterious Chinese Woman and I like to check out grocery stores and the public transportation system when we travel.  It kind of gives you a bit of a flavor of a city that you don't get otherwise.  Of course what we check out in the grocery stores differs a bit.

The Section That I Like

They had a large selection of beers, and the prices were very reasonable.

Pilsner Urguell - About $1 For Half A Liter

Budweiser For A Bit Less Than $1 For Half A Liter

And that is the real Czech Republic stuff too.  The Beer of Kings, not the King of Beers.

We purchased an all-day pass that let's you take the subway, tram, and bus as much as you want for 24 hours.  It cost $10 and was worth it.  There is an extensive tram system that hooks up with the subway and bus lines at various points.  The only drawback is the map you get is nigh on to undecipherable.

A Really Confusing Map

The subway part wasn't too bad, but trying to figure out the number system and routes of the trams was impossible.  We just got on one and let it take us wherever it went.

Hmm, Not The Best Part Of Town

Oh well, you can just get off at the end of the line and go back again.

The End Of The Line

We passed a little restaurant that was doing a brisk business and it was right next to a subway stop so we figured it would be a good place to get lunch.

U Jagusky

Now I told you that prices were very reasonable here, but check out this menu.  And keep in mind that there are about 20 crowns to one dollar.

Such A Deal

We ordered a single serving of the pork with saurkraut and dumplings and it was plenty for the both of us.

Under Four Dollars

Not only did we get plenty to eat, it was very good.  The pork was nice and tender with crispy fat, the saurkraut was well seasoned and a bit sweet in the Czech style, and the dumplings were light and fluffy and soaked up the tasty gravy really well.

Of course we washed it all down with a couple of big beers.

Goes Great With Pork

And With Dumplings Too

I think our entire meal with the beers and including a tip was less the eight dollars.  And I probably over-tipped.  In fact, it looked like I was the only one in the place who left a tip.  I can see why this place was so popular.  If I lived in Prague I would be a regular.

After our meal we waddled, we are waddling a lot now, to the subway where we took the fastest escalator that I have ever been on.  You kind of need a running start to jump on.

One Fast Escalator

And, once again, you can't help but be impressed by the cleanliness of the subway stations. 

Pretty Much Spotless

What is it about people in the United States, and especially New York, that makes them consider the subway system, and the streets for that matter, a large garbage can.  It is disheartening to see how pretty a city can be when people don't throw their garbage all over.  New York could actually look as nice as it does in the movies after the film crews clean it up to shoot a scene.  Central Park never actually looks as nice as it does in Woody Allen movies.

We switched lines and got off at a stop that looked like it might be by the river.  It wasn't, but there was a little hotel with a small outdoor area where we could sit and have a beer.

A Perfect Place For A Beer Break

Not the sunniest of days, but still warm enough to sit outside and wet our whistles.

Getting Our Noses Wet

After our beers we caught another tram and then got off when it stopped near a bridge.  We needed to cross the river to get back to the side with our hotel.

Plenty Of River Traffic

We passed a little park and I had to stop to use the restroom.  I was impressed by their signage, although it took me a minute or two before I figured out what they meant.

I hope Photobucket doesn't consider these to be inappropriate.

By the way, that last sign was for the room with the changing table and, it appears, only women are allowed to change a diaper.  But that is only as it should be.

The Mysterious Chinese Woman spotted another little restaurant that she wanted to check out so, of course, we popped in.

A Cute Corner Place

They had outdoor tables but it was getting to be late afternoon and there was a chill in the air.

Not Too Chilly For A Beer, Though

And A Plum Brandy Chaser

And if you think that their plum brandy is a sweet drink like, perhaps, blackberry brandy in the United States, you are wrong.  It is clear and a lethal 100 proof with not a bit of the taste of the plum.  Not bad, though.

The Mysterious Chinese Woman Settled For Tea

And that was pretty much our day.  We stopped back at the grocery store and picked up some dried sausage and cheese for dinner and ate that while we drank champagne and mead cocktails. That was the "free" champagne we got on the boat when we bought our drink package and a bottle of mead that I bought from a guy selling it at one of our boat landings.  Mix them together and it makes a really nice cocktail.

This is our last day here in Prague and I lose my internet connection later this afternoon. As a result there probably won't be any more posts for a couple of days.  We leave here at 10:30 AM and get home a little after 7:00 PM.  Doesn't sound too bad, but don't forget that six hour time difference. It is almost a nine hour flight from Berlin. Plus that flight from Prague to Berlin.  Short, but a couple hour layover.

It has been a really nice trip and Viking did a good job taking care of everything.  The only thing I would do differently is check out my own travel arrangements.  But usually you do get the best prices if you get it with the package.

I still have a lot of pictures from when we were on the boat and will be posting them once I get home.  I probably have several posts worth.

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