Friday, July 30, 2010

The Cyclones At Coney Island

No, not the iconic Cyclone roller coaster:

The Cyclone

We are talking about the baseball team:

The Cyclones

Sean Murphy, who puts out the MurphGuide, a guide to fun things in New York and the surrounding areas, is throwing a party next Friday, August 6th. It includes beer, hotdogs and hamburgers before a Cyclones game at Peggy O'Neill's (the party is at Peggy O'Neill's, the game is in the ballpark), and an after-the-game party as well.

Peggy O'Neill's

Peggy O'Neill's is certainly convenient to the game, it is built right into the baseball park.

I have been to these shindigs before and they are a lot of fun. And for only thirty bucks it is a hell of a deal because the price also includes tickets to the game and a Cyclones baseball cap.

You can get more details by clicking the link below:

If you live in New York the MurphGuide is a really good way to keep abreast of what is going on, and to get some great deals as well.

Oh, and speaking of parties, there is still time to get in on what I can only assume would be the biggest Oktoberfest party going.  Just check it out by clicking below, and if you are up to the challenge grab a spot.


Anonymous said...

所有的資產,在不被諒解時,都成了負債.................................................................. said...

I look forward to seeing you and your wife again.
It has become our annual tradition.