Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Left Handed Playing Cards

As many of you know, I am left-handed and, according to the Mysterious Chinese Woman, possibly an alien.  And not from Mexico.  She is thinking someplace a bit further away.

Now I have often maintained that the left-handed are, if not more intelligent than right-handers, more adaptable.  As a case in point, I can easily sit down at a right-hander's PC and use their mouse without thinking about it.  However, I have watched right-hander's struggle for hours trying to get comfortable using my mouse that is set up for a left-hander.

Here is a little experiment you can do.  Most people don't realize that playing-cards are designed for right-handers.  Don't believe me?  Take a close look.  Right-handers naturally hold their cards in their left hand and then use their right hand to fan them.  Easy to see the numbers and suits when you do that, Right?

Now hold the cards in your right-hand and fan them with your left-hand.  Hah!!  You can only see the number and suit of the first card.

Okay, here is my point.  Left-handers have no problem with this because they can adapt and hold the cards in their left hand just like right-handers.  But, see if you can get a deck of cards for left-handers, and not the ones that have the numbers and suits in all four corners but just in the opposite corners.  Now slip it into a card game and watch the perplexed looks on everyone's face when they can't figure out what their cards are.  And then watch them struggle to figure out what to do.

Left-hander's are not just more adabtable, we also have a weider sense of humor.


Rob Mize said...

Thats just nuts. I'm right-handed, and hold my cards in my right hand, and fan then with my left hand. Sometimes I use both hands. When I play a card, I use my left hand most of the time. And cars in the US have the wheel on the LEFT side, and I never thought twice about that. I used to drive my car with my left foot and sit in the middle to deliver mail; now I drive a right-hand-drive truck. So righties can adapt very well too.

karen said...

Rob M.
You must be an exceptional right hander because I can't tell you how much fun it is for me to slip a lefty deck into a game with my own family and friends. It totally messes with their game!