Monday, May 03, 2010

Cask Festival At The Brazen Head - Day Three

Another nice day on Sunday so another fairly small crowd at The Brazen Head.  A bit unfortunate because new casks don't come out until the old ones are gone.  As a result there were only two beers available that I hadn't already tried.

I started out with a Pearl Street Saber's Edge Imperial IPA.  This is a double IPA which, I guess, means that it has a lot of hops.  A nice coppery color, but way bitter.  It is a hefty 8% ABV and not a beer that I would drink a lot of.  I was glad I was just drinking half pints.

My next one was a Defiant Porter, a dark, fairly heavy brew with the now common hint of coffee.  A bit hoppy, but nothing overpowering.

I still had tickets left and I had enough of the heavy beers so I finished up with a pint of the Michigan Celis White to clear the old palate.

Now that should have been my day, but oh no, not me.  Someone took an interest in the pictures in the background at Cody's Ale House and wanted to know if Gaid had a website.  Now I knew I had one Gaid's cards someplace but, of course, couldn't find it.  This meant I had, simply had, to go to Pete's Waterfront Ale House  to see if I could get the information.  And, you can't go to Pete's without getting a drink, or two, or three.

But, I did get the information, kind of.  It turns out Gaid doesn't have a website but does have a telephone number.  I guess he isn't a complete dinosaur.

Old Time Photographs - (917) 245-5523

Or, you can stop into Pete's Waterfront Ale House on a Friday or a Saturday afternoon, when Gaid usually works, and ask to see his portfolio.  Tell him Bar Man sent you, I might get a free beer out of it.  Or you might and I will have to pay double.  Gaid can be funny that way.

I was minding my own business drinking Margaritas at the bar and talking to a guy named Vinnie about the old days in the neighborhood when in walks the Mysterious Chinese Woman.  She had returned from visiting her mother and tracked me down like a dog.  And she was hungry.

We got ourselves a table where she had chicken fingers and I opted for the softshell crab sandwich again.

Finger's Lookin' Good

A Crab With His Crab

What A Cute Little Fellow

Things were pretty much under control at this point but then...  They have had the Pernod Absinthe here for awhile and so far I have resisted the temptation to try it.  But the fellow at the table next to us ordered one and, well, I figured as long as the waitress schlepped the whole intricate serving device all the way from the bar I would make it worth her while by having one myself.

Ice-Water Over Sugar Cube Into Absinthe

A Close-Up

I got a picture with the waitress and you can see the veneration with which I am held around here.  I am not sure if that sentence was grammatically correct.  I think I meant You can see how I am venerated around here.

I Get No Respect

And now I am ready to meet the Green Fairy.

Tinkerbell, Here I Come

Ah, nothing like a blast of 136 proof green stuff to get you looking at the world a bit differently.

Smooth, And Refreshing

I am bringing a bottle of this to the Minnesota Fishing Opener in a couple of weeks.  Must remember to buy sugar cubes, but I think we will use a simpler device to pour the ice-water.

Just a reminder, this weekend the Cask Festival shifts to dba Brooklyn in Williamsburg.


I am going to try to get there Friday so if you go, look for me and say hello.

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