Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How Quickly We Forget

Nick Swisher, he of the New York Yankees, was quoted in the New York Daily News as saying "Minnesota baseball, they've never really had an outdoor stadium to go and enjoy the great weather they have there in the summer."

Guess Nick forgot the twenty years the Twins played at Metropolitan Stadium.  Although, to give Nick the benefit of a doubt, that was 1961 to 1981, a bit before his time.  Nick was born in 1980.

Funny though, the New York Jets left New York in 1983 and the New York Giants left for New Jersey back in 1976,  I guess, by Nick's logic, New York football has never had a stadium in New York.

Still working on the designs for my New Jersey Jets and New Jersey Giants apparal.  Somehow I need to incorporate seagulls into the design.  If you have ever been to a game in the euphemistically named Meadowlands (Swamplands just didn't cut it) you would know why.

But no, I am no longer bitter about the $15,000 per seat PSL the Jets wanted to charge me to continue to be a fan.  Or at least a seat in the seat kind of fan.


jf said...

are you familiar with uniwatch? it is a sports uniform blog run by a guy who used to be with espn. when you get yer mockups, you should send them over to him-

Bar Man said...

Thanks, I will keep that in mind.