Monday, May 24, 2010

Coming Here??

So now the New York papers are full of speculation and anticipation that the Super Bowl will come here in 2014.  Here?  Excuse me, but don't you mean that it might be coming to New Jersey?

Mike Lupica actually said "If the Giants and Jets win this bid, the city wins.  They would finally stop playing the biggest game there is out of town."

First of all, the Super Bowl is far from being the biggest game there is.  World Cup Football anyone?  And, secondly, if the New Jersey Meadowlands isn't "out of town," then I don't know what out of town is.  Last time I looked it was about seven miles from Times Square.

Actually, Jersey Jets and Jersey Giants have a certain alliterative allure.  And, if they changed the name of the teams you could then buy new New Jersey jerseys.

I mean, when the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles from Brooklyn they didn't still keep calling themselves the Brooklyn Dodgers. 

I wonder if the Nets will still be known as the New Jersey Nets once they begin playing in Brooklyn.  After all, it doesn't seem to matter where you play that determines the name of your team, at least not around here.

You know, I bet you could make good money selling New Jersey Jets and New Jersey Giants apparel.

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Splunge said...

Yes. Simply yes. You get it.