Thursday, October 01, 2009

An Attempt At Culture

Last Friday was a delightful day, warm and sunny, much too nice to stay inside. The Mysterious Chinese Woman decided it would be a perfect day to visit an outdoor art fair down in the DUMBO neighborhood. You already know my feelings about contrived names for neighborhoods (BOCOCA) so I won't go into my normal DUMB OH BOY rant.

We made it to within a few blocks of the art fair, but then I decided that I needed to stop in for a wee bit of a cocktail. We had been in here before when it was a different restaurant. In fact I think we have been in here when it was at least two different restaurants.

No. 1 Front Street

This current incarnation has only been open a couple of months. I chatted with the lovely bartender, Anita, a bit. She seemed quite knowledgeable so I was surprised when she said she had only been bartending a few months. Guess this must be her first job. She must be a quick learner.

The Lovely Anita

I asked her how she made a margarita and she said tequila, triple sec, fresh lime juice and some sour mix. I asked her if she could just add a bit more lime juice and leave out the sour mix and she said "No problem." That, for me, is always a good sign and means I will probably return.

Barman And His Custom Margarita

The Mysterious Chinese Woman had a strawberry something or another. Anita said it was like a mojito but instead of rum you use strawberry vodka. And let me tell you, the Mysterious Chinese Woman reeeeeely reeeeeely liked it.

Simply Delicious

They had an eclectic decor, but there was obviously a bit of an Asian slant to it.

Striking A Pose

We next split a Negroni and then I noticed the bottles above the bar. I recognized what they were from seeing similar ones in a Russian bar in Manhattan. I commented upon that and the owner came over and said he went to that bar. That is where he got the idea. The ones here he makes himself. I ordered a chipotle infused tequila and then the owner gave me a sample of a couple of blueberry vodka infusions he was making.

The Lure

Well, you can probably see where this is going. By this time neither of us were in any shape to be heading to a street fair. We did get as far as the place nextdoor, though.

Five Front

I consoled the Mysterious Chinese Woman, who was a bit upset that we didn't get to the art fair, by telling her that some of the art from the fair was on the walls in here.

An Artful Deception

Feeling much better, she proceeded to order bubbly for everyone.

Just Small Bottles, Though

As you might imagine, we were a bit peckish by this time and they had a nice looking menu. We started out with the mussels and they were delicious. Great flavor and done just right, just a bit of a puff to them.

Puffy Mussels

The Mysterious Chinese ordered those little potato dumpling things, gnocihi. Gnochi means little lumps of boiled potato dough. They suck up flavor though. She thought they were tasty, but were over-cooked and a bit doughy.

A Bit Flaccid

My short ribs were, on the other hand, simply delicious. Falling apart tender without being a bit dry. Something I would come here and order again.

Repeatable Ribs

After eating and drinking our fill we hailed a taxi and headed home. A very nice day that didn't turn out as planned, but was a lot of fun.

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