Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Worst Ticket Of The Season

The View From The Subway

Hey, I wasn't the one who said this, it was Filip Bondy, sports-columnist for the New York Daily News.

Oh, the Yankees won alright, beating the Royals 8 to 2, and Robert Cano did hit a grand slam. But we are talking about a game that was delayed a couple of hours because of rain and without Derek Jeter, Alix Rodriquez, Mark Teixeira, Hideki Matsui, Nick Swisher, or Johnny Damon. I guess after the Yankees wrapped up the division the night before everyone went out to celebrate with champagne. They were probably all still pissing foam at game-time.

The New Stadium didn't really impress me either. But then, admittedly, I did have grandstand tickets, and the seats out there are no place to wait out a rain delay. In fact, there aren't many places to stand to keep out of the rain. I don't know how you can spend all that money on a stadium and still have it be so inhospitable looking inside, all exposed concrete and battle ship gray. The restrooms were nice, though.

Rain Delay

Not that much of this mattered to me. After finally hooking up with the people we were supposed to meet and waiting for an hour or so for the rain to stop, Barman had enough and went home.

And meeting up was no easy task due to the somewhat confused layout of the stadium and one person's decision not to meet us where we had out seats, but went to another section of the stadium where the seats were not exposed to the rain. Meeting up involved going up and down steps and ramps because you can't simply walk to some other sections on the same level like you could in the old stadium. Then we had to chase down a slice of pizza for my niece who was starving to death. And this involved more ramps and steps.

By the time I got home the game still had not started. Not to worry though, after I had gone to bed and fallen asleep my niece thoughtfully called to tell me that I had missed the grand slam.