Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Coney Continues

We didn't have to wait too long for the rest of the gang to show up. They were delayed by, what else, subway repairs. Somewhere along the way they had to transfer to a bus and, being from out-of-town, it took them awhile to figure out how to get where they wanted to go. Not too surprising, seeing as how I ended up in the West Village the other day while trying take the subway to the East Village.

The Ringleader, Allen

The Rest Of The Gang; MCW, D.J., Allen, And Leslie

We drank our fill but had other bars to hit before the day was over. You knew it was a down day for Coney Island when even the ever-popular Shoot The Freak was empty.

The Freak Was Probably Happy

Our next stop was the only bar on the boardwalk that might give Ruby's a run for its money, in my opinion.

The Ever Popular Cha Cha's

And we even managed to get a group photo. I seem to be a bit distracted, however.

A Mostly Happy Crew

Cha Cha's did have a very nice bartender who. to her credit, put up with our increasingly, shall we say, exhuberant behavior.

Our Patient Bartender

Cha Cha's does have much, hmm, how should I put this, flashier caps than Ruby's. You can tell we probably had too much to drink by this time because Allen and I actually bought a couple.

Proudly Posing Today, Probably Embarassed Tomorrow

By the time we wandered out of Cha Cha's the crowd at Coney was starting to pick up, but still not your typical weekend day at the beach. And it was still gloomy.

Looks Like A Jim Jarmusch Movie

Before hitting our next, and last, bar for the day a bit of a food break was called for. When at Coney Island, a Nathan's Hot Dog is a must. Even a soggy one.

Outside Dining At Its Best

Our last stop was the Freak Bar, conveniently located right next to Coney Island's famous Freak Show.

Step Right In

Just Look For The Flashing Neon Sign - Not

This place gives the Mars Bar a run for it's money in terms of its austere decor. In fact it makes The Manhattans look positively posh. Unlike the Mars Bar, however, the bathrooms are actually useable.

Minimalistic Decor

Group Hug

Obviously we were still pretty proud of our caps. And they did go nicely with the Coney Island beer. Big beers, too.

Well, I Guess Beers Do Have A Head

After our session at the Freak Bar, Allen and the rest of the game had to head out. They had a bus or a train or something to catch. I can never remember what. They all live in Pennsylvania somewhere. The Mysterious Chinese Woman and I decided to stop into Footprints for dinner before we caught our ride.

My Favorite Carribean Restaurant

Yummy Curried Goat

Tasty Oxtails

As usual, the food was delicious and plentiful. The sides are great as well. Not sure what they do to their cabbage, but it is delicious, particularly when eaten with their rice and beans. I can't recommend this place enough. It is the most authentic Carribean food I have had anywhere except in the Carribean. And better than a lot of it I have had there.

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