Friday, May 22, 2009

Armando's Is Returning

It was a beautiful day yesterday so the Mysterious Chinese Woman and I decided to take a little walk down Montague Street. I was happy to see that the Spicy Pickle is no more and Armando's is on its way back.

Bye Bye Spicy Pickle

Welcome Back Armando's

I am not sure when Armando's will be back, or what it will look like when it does, but at least work is in progress.

It Won't Be The Old Armando's

I sure hope they saved the picture of Marilyn Monroe.

We ended up our stroll at the Waterfront Ale House (big surprise) where we split a delicious soft shell crab sandwich and dumped down a few beers, including a couple pints of Sam's Serious Maibock. Phew, at 8.1% alcohol it really packs a punch in the afternoon, and you don't really notice the alcohol all that much because it is so flavorful. Sam, the owner, chatted with us for a bit and said the beer was getting better as it ages. He initially put it up in March so it has had a couple of months to fester now. It will probably hit its peak just as it runs out.

Sam said he plans on putting up a lager, so I hope that will be ready for summer.

You might want to stop by and grab a Sam's Serious Maibock before they run dry, though.