Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An Interlude For Helpful Advice

My darling brother-in-law Jim, he of the mischievious bent, read my post about trying to get by on a monthly food budget of $176, the amount an individual gets in food stamps. Of course my simple plan was, for him, much too simple.

Here are his "helpful" suggestions:

Hey, glanced at 1000 Bars And Beyond and saw Bar Man's new challenge and I'm intrigued! Didn't do any real research but I do believe that most people on food stamps work a full time job. In keeping with that theme, I feel that Bar Man should do an equivalent schedule as someone who works. I would assume that most of these people work manual labor jobs so they are burning up a fair amount of calories.

My suggestion is that you find out.

1- Average number of people who get food stamps who work.
2- Average number of hours worked by people who earn below the poverty line.
3- Average number of days worked by people who earn below the poverty line.
4- Average number of people on food stamps who have kids that they must care for.
5- Average commute to and from work.

Now crunch the numbers. Figure out your work day: commuting time + work+ time with kids + hour to get ready in the morning + laundry (a quick look at food stamp requirements I would guess they don't have a large selection of clothes so laundry once a week. Remember manual labor so you'll stink. Oh yeah laundromat please, schlep to and fro.)

Now, during the period of time that you are "working," no naps. I would also suggest hitting the gym a couple of hours a day. Also maybe a twenty - thirty minute brisk walk every hour to hour and half. Maybe give up the chair and go with standing except "meals" and "breaks." Basic idea is to simulate someone who has a job that has them moving around all day. With no real leisure time. You'll burn more calories....... need more calories. Maybe you should see the Doctor........

Have Fun!!!

What a helpful fellow he is. I hate to let him down, but I am just going to pretend I am an unemployed single male.

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