Monday, February 09, 2009

Beer For Brains

First off, my favorite football team, Chivas, must be doing well. At least their picture was on the front page of a local paper today and they looked happy.

Go Chivas

I don't read Spanish, so I am not sure what the celebration was all about, but I thought I should share this with you.

Okay, so I decided to go for my morning walk on Sunday. I read about a place, Bar del Puerto that runs The Tacky Bar Tour. Now I pride myself on knowing most of the tacky bars around Puerto Vallarta, but I am always up for a professionally run tour. The location of the bar was given as Carranza. And here is where my brain ran dry.

I opened up the paper to check a map and the first one I saw was:

Okay, I knew where Carranza was, and then I saw the map, and I said "Shit, way up there and on the other side of the river." But I figured I needed the exercise so over the river and up the hill I went.

It had rained the night before so there were really huge puddles in the street. I wonder what it is like in the rainy season.

The storm that brought in the rain was also pushing the waves pretty hard too. Much larger than normal.

Anyway, I walked over to the north side of town and then started to head up the hills.

Doesn't look too high until you get to the top and then look down.

And if you think taking the steps is a piece of cake, think again. Handrails are for wimps and there are no liability laws in Mexico.

But trooper that I am, onward I went.

And, after all that hiking and climbing, I never did find the bar. So, back I headed to meet some friends at Sweeny's for their morning Happy Hour. And then it hit me, there is another Carranza right by where I live. A street I am intimately familiar with because of the dive bars. How the hell I didn't think about that earlier I do not know. As I said, beer brains.

My Neck Of The Woods

Close To Home

I never did find the bar, but I will. I was so thirsty and I had friends waiting for me at Sweeny's so Happy Hour was calling. When I do find the bar and find out more about The Tacky Bar Tour I will let you know. Actually, I bet, I could show them a thing or two.