Monday, July 21, 2008

Robin Des Bois - Sherwood Cafe

Lacie and Mark are still together so no pictures of Rome. As a last resort I will pick up a copy of them this weekend from the Equally Mysterious Sister. I made a copy on a CD for her.

The Saturday before the Bastille Day celebration in a nearby neighborhood the Mysterious Chinese Woman and I decided to go to a neat French restaurant, Robin Des Bois - Sherwood Cafe. This was the first time I have ever eaten there other than for brunch. I don't know why I haven't gone more often, maybe because it is at 195 Smith Street and I have to walk by Bar Tabac to get there. I will be going back again though, that is for sure.

Although this restaurant isn't far from where I live, it is a bit exclusive. Almost a gated community.

Luckily, I Am An Honorary Neighbor

You know immediately you are in a French neighborhood. In most neighborhoods there are old appliances sitting on the sidewalk.

Foosball, Anyone?

You have to look sharp to find Robin Des Bois - Sherwood Cafe because, despite its long and fancy name, it looks kind of like a second-hand store.

Deceiving Appearances

Looking closely you could see that they were promoting tomorrows Pentaque tournament.

Beach Pentaque

There is a funky bar up front along with some tables for dining. The second-hand store look is carried out throughout the bar area. Kind of a funky look, like you might find in a bistro in Montmarte.

The Bar

It was a nice evening so we decided to head to the patio in back that most of the dinner patrons had also chosen.

Quite The Patio

We picked a table in the back and I ordered a couple of Duvels. Regular readers of this blog will already know all about Duvel. In a nutshell, it is a most excellent Belgian beer. Duvel is Flemish for Devil, and if you drink too many of these you may be paying the Devil in the morning.

Duvel May Care

Quite The Head

Down The Hatch

The menus featured 1950's style pinups, which seemed to fit right in with the rest of the decor.

Beach Party

They have a typical French bistro style menu; mussels, hanger steak, the usual. They do have some interesting specials such as chili-rubbed pork with couscous. I decided to have something typical so settled for the hanger steak.

Nicely Done

It was a good sized piece of meat, much thicker than you usually get. I ordered mine medium rare and that is just the way it came. If I knew the steak was going to be this thick I probably would have opted for medium because hanger steak, by its nature, is a bit tough. This was a very good cut of meat though so it was pleasantly chewy. It was delicious.

It came with green beans and scalloped potatoes. The beans were fresh and crisp and the potatoes were a nice crispy brown on top. A winner all the way around.

The Mysterious Chinese Woman had some kind of a seafood medley and she said hers was very good as well and she would certainly order it again.

A Medley Of Seafood

Robin Des Boise sits right in the middle of a large French community so this place is a lot more authentic than most places in other neighborhoods. Just about all of the help here are French as are a large number of the patrons. Definitely a place to go to, either for a meal or a drink. Just a lot of fun with really good food. And the prices are reasonable as well.

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