Friday, July 25, 2008

Octopus For Breakfast

My pictures from Europe, and from the last five years, are crawling back one small pixel at a time. My friend, Mark Winkler, is helping me recover my data. Apparently, although NAS, or Network Addressable Storage, is becoming more popular, data recovery procedures are not yet firmly in place and the devices are not all that forgiving if you make a mistake. Mark will probably be the leader in his ability to do recover lost data.

Lets start with the fact that my 1 million gig Lacie drive is actually two 500,000 gig drives linked by some obscure Liunx program. Your data seems to be distributed between the two drives and, if you do something stupid like I did, you cannot easily recover the data.

But, enough of all that. Mark, who has been doing more work than anyone has a reason to do, is slowly piecing together my lost data. In partial payback I took him out for dinner last night at my now favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant, Queen. No pictures though, we were on a break.

However, I did take home leftovers, and my breakfast this morning was the remains of a most excellent octopus appetizer. Delicious. Tender as could be and served in a flavorful and spicy tomato sauce. You could make a meal of this. I ate half at the restaurant and took this tentacle home for breakfast.

If I Laughed, Would It Come Out My Nose?

Considering some of the Discovery Channel programs I have watched, I am probably eating something that once was smarter than I am. Of course, with me, veal would probably fall into that category.

Going to Coney Island tonight for a Cyclones (Mets farm club) Staten Island Yankees game. I should be posting about it tomorrow, or Monday. Tomorrow I head out to New Jersey so it depends upon when I get up and how early I leave.


granola.freeman said...

Just a thought, have you watched the Planet Earth DVDs yet? There is some phenomenal footage of very intelligent octupi, along with Charlie playing around in the great canopies of the Amazon rainforest. Oh wait, those are baby howler monkies. Never mind.

granola.freeman said...


1000 Bars said...

If there is more then one and they are female I think they are monkettes.

granola.freeman said...

And if there's more than one and they're Spanish, then they are monquistadors.