Friday, February 22, 2008

Oysters On The Half Shell

Just time for a quick post today, I am leaving to go on four mile hike shortly. I should have some interesting pictures for you tomorrow though, assuming that I survive.

I had mentioned that I had a great oyster the other day. Only one though because I had just finished lunch at El Brujo and these were big oysters. I just couldn't pass this pile by though.

A Pile Of Oysters

I told the guy that I just wanted one so he made sure it was big. It cost 250 pesos or about $2.25 U.S., but it was worth it.

A Big Oyster

Granted that the lime is kind of small, but you can get an idea of how big this oyster was. It must have been about half an inch thick too and it was delicious.

Bar Man And Big Oyster

Like I said, there was no way you could just slurk this baby down. It had to be cut in half and eaten with a fork. A squeeze of lime juice and a hit of hot sauce turned it into a mini-meal.

Tucking In

I still haven't found that stand again, but I guarantee you I will keep looking.

Wish me well on my hike and hopefully I will be able to write about it tomorrow.

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MEK said...

Dang, now that's a big oyster. The Oyster Bar in Grand Central needs to get some of these.