Thursday, February 21, 2008

El Brujo At Night

As promised, a bit of a surprise when eight of us headed to El Brujo for dinner the other night. I have only gone here for lunch before and when I went this year there were only about six people in the place. It has never been especially crowded and usually the crowd is mostly locals. Well let me tell you, it is an entirely different scene at night.

Waiting To Get In

It reminded me of that scene in Night Of The Living Dead where everyone is trying to get into the farm house. Actually, it kind of reminded me of how people would stand in line to get into the No Name restaurant in Boston. The line itself always turned into a party. One night when I was there a group of airline workers had used free tickets to fly in from Chicago just for dinner. They were going to fly back after eating. Ah, to be young and have free airline tickets.

We had about an hour wait to get in but nobody seemed to mind too much. It was a friendly crowd and we all chatted about where we were from, how long we had been going to Puerto Vallarta, the usual stuff. There was a little grocery store across the street and people were running back and forth to get beers. Lots of fun.

Once we did get in we were all crowded around a little table and had a merry old time. I will now bore you with pictures of our group. If you recognize anyone be sure to tell them that they are now infamous.

Crowded Around The Table

Tony And Bill (not a couple)

Chris And Mike (not a couple)

Mysterious Chinese Woman And Marcie (not a couple)

Mike And Tom (a couple)

Bar Man And Mysterious Chinese Woman (status mysterious)

You can see from the background just how packed this place is at night. I would strongly recommend that you go for lunch because there is no wait, the service is better, and the portions are larger even though the menu is the same. If you like a crowd though, by all means go for dinner.

For those of you who do not like a mystery, the couples were Tony and Chris, Bill and Marcie, Mike and Tom. Bar Man and Mysterious Chinese Woman remain circumspect about their relationship.

Tomorrow you get the pictures of the oysters, I promise. I went looking for the little stand yesterday to get a couple more pictures but I couldn't find it. They probably hadn't set up yet so maybe I can find it this afternoon.

I did see the lunar eclipse last night and if any of my pictures came out I will post them too. I just have a point-and-click digital camera so don't expect too much. We did have a nice view though.

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jpcalkins said...

I from Tulsa OK and we have a place with the same look, EL Rio Verde. They are opposite do not go for lunch or you will stand and wait, but dinner is less busy.