Saturday, September 01, 2007

Island View Lodge

Just a quickie post today. I've posted about this place before but one morning I took a walk here from my friends place and popped in for an eye-opener.

Island View Lodge

It is quite a big place, dining room and all, but only one part of it was of any interest to me.

The Bar

Being up north I decided to have something traditional, a shot and a snert. The shot was Old Crow, an old-time favorite of mine that you don't see much of in New York. Floyd was using it in their Mint Juleps on Kentucky Derby Day though. I have no idea what was in the snert.

It was a nice enough morning so I decided that I would take my morning libation out on the deck overlooking the lake.

A Drink With A View

Although I was perfectly content out on the deck, not everyone felt the same.

So Close, Yet So Far

A brisk morning walk and a heart stimulant. I felt oh so healthy.