Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Riverfront Park

Not too far from where I live is a hideously named neighborhood, DUMBO, that is fast becoming one of the most expensive in Brooklyn. DUMBO stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, a stretch if ever there was one. At least they have taken down the huge picture of an elephant that they once had up on the side of a building.

Not too far away, however, is a lovely little park that is, one day, going to be the north end of a larger park that will stretch all the way to Atlantic Avenue. It is really kind of nice to be so close to downtown Manhattan and still be able to experience a bit of wilderness. One of the entrances to this park requires a bit of faith to walk through, however. It kind of looks like you are walking down a somewhat dangerous alley.

However, the views are well worth it.

There is even a little beach where you could have a picnic. I wouldn't recommend swimming though, the East River is notorious for its dangerous currents.

There are a number of interesting sculptures in the park which is kind of a plus and a minus. Some of them complement the natural setting such as this one.

Some of them, though, just seem a bit out of place.

And some seem downright out of place and are more of an eyesore than anything else. In a city where the streets are full of trash, do we really need to see a pile of discarded sinks in a lovely little park?

And when I came upon this I actually thought it was just a pile of refuse that had been raked up and was awaiting removal.

But no, it actually is a "work of art." At least in someone's eyes.

I guess this one must be a commentary on vandalism. It looks like someone knocked down and carried off most of the statue.

Walking home I caught this interesting juxtaposition, the massive Brooklyn Bridge and a small lighthouse that now houses an ice-cream shop.

A little bit further along the stretch that will one day be a part of the larger park I came across this.

In a way it is kind of sad. The year after the World Trade Center came down this field was planted with two patches of sunflowers in the shape of the fallen towers. The sign proudly proclaims "After Winter, Spring." Sadly, interest didn't last long and after the first year the field has been taken over by weeds. It would, in my opinion, be better to take down the sign because it certainly seems inappropriate now, all things considered.


Lisa said...

Hi, Beer Man. In light of your post, I thought you might be interested in the photos I took in this very place when I was there in July:


1000 Bars said...

Very nice pictures, Lisa. I stopped into that same store where they have the Chinese antiques the day I took my pictures and saw that same Mao alarm clock.

paula said...

Wow, I really enjoyed this particular segment. Lisa's pictures were also awesome.Makes me want to visit you and Mysterious Chinese Woman again and view some of these surprising Brooklyn sites. Sounds like the Beer fest is right up your alley have fun.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the compliment! And I apologize for calling you Beer Man instead of Bar Man! I am very curious to see the rest of Brooklyn, including your downtown neighborhood, so I will give you and the Mysterious Chinese Woman a shout on my next trip to NYC!

Anonymous said...