Monday, September 04, 2006

Heartland Brewery, HUH?!

Things that make you scratch your head. In today's Daily News in another article about how New York is going to support New York Breweries, there is a section titled "On Tap In The City." It says "Here is a look at some of the top breweries in the city." They list, appropriately enough, Brooklyn Brewery, Chelsea Brewery, Sixpoint Craft Ales, and Greenpoint Beerworks Inc.

However, and this is the kicker, they also list Heartland Brewery with the comment "No longer produce their own beers, buy it from Greenpoint Brewery." Now, if they don't produce any beer but buy it, they certainly aren't a brewery, so why is it even listed? Could it be because they are a co-sponsor of the New York Beerfest this Friday that kicks off the launch of this campaign?

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