Thursday, January 12, 2006

Unintended Consequences

Reflecting upon my journey to 1000 bars I realized that I was seeing an unintended consequence of the no smoking ban that has been implemented in New York. Suddenly bars are no longer smoke filled, that is obvious. Now the are beginning to be filled with children. Apparently parents who would never expose there young ones to the second-hand smoke previously encountered now think it is perfectly acceptable to bring them to the now smoke-free establishments.

Now granted, in some places in Europe where bars are considered to be extensions of the home this has long been acceptable. But here in New York it just seems somehow wrong. Who wants to be in a bar having a beer with the guys and then have the local young mothers with kids show up. And, as usual, these mothers are so engrossed in each other and whatever it is they are talking about over their wine that they are totally oblivious to the sometimes obnoxious behavior of the young ones. Everything from just the normal bawling to the unrestrained running around and being a general pain in the ass. The worst I have seen is a baby being changed without even a thought about doing it in the ladies room. Talk about putting you off your beer.

In my opinion, if they are going to enforce the no smoking ban then they should start enforcing the "you must be 21 to enter" rule. Now I am willing to make an exception to bars that have dining facilities, but please, keep the kids in the back, not up front where the serious drinking is going on. Thankfully, a few bars in my neighborhood have risked losing some customers by banning young children from their establishments. I don't think it is asking too much to be able to drink in a child-free environment.


Peter Fleming said...

Bar Man!

How dare you threaten the wrath of those who feel they have the right to go anyplace, anywhere, anytime, without thought for those around them!

Shocked! Shocked I am!

Thank you!

weeg said...

Dan, didn't you meet my son in a bar?
I have no problem with kiddies in the bar so long as two criteria are ment:
1. Its during the day
2. Its a local bar and you're a local customer
3. As soon as the kid starts to cry he/she must be immediately ejected. No crying allowed in bars regardless of age.

1000 Bars said...

You are right Weeg, I did. There are exceptions, I grant you that. I guess I am just seeing more and more cases of people bringing their kids into bars and pretty much letting them run amok with no supervision. And the bars up in your neck of the woods are kind of an example of where the local watering hole is somewhat of an extension of ones house.

Drunkinyonkers said...

Barman, I agree 100%. Kids should not be in the bar. It is indeed 21 and over only, kids no exception. I heard you say the same thing on David Lee Roth. Congrats on a nice chat on the show. I'm just suprprised you did not mention it on your blog at all. That was totally cool turning on the radio and hearing you. Although Dave does far less about drinks than you. He thought Guiness was British. LOL.

Rochester Bar Man said...

I dunno, I have fond memories of my dad taking me to the corner tavern on weekend afternoons when he'd go down there to meet his brother for a few beers. But I knew enough to sit there and drink my Coke and eat my chips and not raise a ruckus. As an adult I've also had pleasant times in bars where children were present, but I agree that there are times when it could detract from the overall "bar" experience. Then again there are also plenty of adults who are equally if not more capable of ruining my bar time. So while I can sympathize, I can't go along with an ironclad rule on this one. A lot of it depends on the bar itself (I mean, if I visit a dive I want a DIVE, not a daycare), the time of day, the kid(s) in question, and, not least, the parents.

paula said...

Oh come on................what else is a babysitter supposed to do with her time? Extra napkins should also be provided for those unexpected diaper changes.

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