Thursday, September 08, 2005

Number 777 At F.R. Woody's Pub

I will soon be hitting Bar Number 777 on September 12th up in Northern Minnesota in Ranier, the sprawling suburb of International Falls, and within a stone's throw of Canada. I will probably get in trouble for saying that, Ranier is a city and is not, I repeat, is not, a suburb of International Falls.

The bar will be F. R. Woody's Pub.

F.R. Woody's Pub is owned by a good friend of mine, Barry Woods (the one on the left).

It should be a rousing good time. Woody is also the proprietor of the notorious Woody's Fairly Reliable Guide Service. For more information about his operation simply click below.

  • F.R Woody's Pub is right on the shore of beautiful Rainy Lake and there is a large outdoor deck as well as a smaller indoor area to accomodate the festivities.


    josh williams said...

    777? Dang! I like Woodys fishing slogin. Mine for my business is "better than you would expect." 223 to go, Lord knows I wish you the best, my liver goes out to you. JW

    Woody said...

    Damn, That Woody sounds like a great guy! Hope evryone can make it out to F.R. Woody's Pub on the 12th. It'l be a great time. Woody

    1000 Bars said...

    And you have to ask Woody why he doesn't need a compass since he had that metal plate imbedded in his skull.

    1000 Bars said...

    It was at that point that he changed the name of his operation from "Reliable Guide Service" to "Fairly Reliable Guide Service"

    CrystalDiggory said...

    I'm new here, and I know you've probably been asked this before, but I was just wondering..what will you do after you hit 1000? :)

    1000 Bars said...

    That hasn't been decided yet. Probably take a year off and then maybe go for 1000 different beers. It would be a lot easier, I guarantee you that.

    Quit Smoking said...

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