Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bar Number 515, Er, No, That’s Not Right

I headed back to where I was yesterday to take the pictures that I missed because I forgot to put the video card in my camera. While there I dropped into I spot that I had seen (could hardly miss it) for a quick one.

775) Bar 515

Right next door to Joshua Tree is the similar in dimensions Bar 515. It has an old wooden bar with a dark square metal bar rail and dark wood bar chairs. There are two silver beer stations on the bar with ten spigots each and a bucket of Samuel Adams Boston Lager on ice between. Most of the walls, including the one behind the bar, are distressed brick. There is a metal “Bar 515” sign illuminated in red behind the bar along with tiered shelves of liquor. Two blackboards, one on each sign, announce the daily specials. Today was Frozen Margarita day so for $4.00 each you could get one in a wide variety of flavors. There is a nice flat screen television mounted above each end of the bar and at least four others that I could see from my perch at the bar. Another blackboard advertised that they show all NFL games.

I chatted with the bartender, Eva, for a bit. She had just started there and didn’t know too much about bars in the area so I provided her with the benefit of my expertise. She was quite friendly so she should do very well.

Eva, The Friendly Bartender

Against the far back wall is a waterfall cascading down a brick wall. A good sized oval bar is in the back room and booths line the walls. There is a fairly elaborate lighting and sound system installed and I was told that was for when the DJs showed up. I imagine it gets quite lively then.

Opposite the bar is a row of tables and chairs against a multi-colored wall with fragments of the word “Bar” and “515” making up a montage of sorts. The floor is wood planking and the ceiling is patterned tile. A couple of tables under umbrellas sit on the sidewalk in front of the open floor to ceiling windows next to the door.

Measurements were being taken of the shelves behind the bar so I am wondering if they are planning on installing large screen projection televisions to compete with next door. I will have to check back later in the football season to see if my hunch is correct.

I had a bottle of Samuel Adams Boston Lager, right out of the bucket and only $3.00.

Well, that was just one for the day but it brings my total to 775 for the year leaving but 225 to go. My next bar will either be in JFK before I fly out to Minnesota or after I arrive in International Falls. At any rate, I won't be posting until I get to Minnesota but will certainly put up an entry after my Bar Number 777 party at F.R. Woody's Pub so be sure to look for that one.

Until I post again, have a cold one.