Monday, September 12, 2005

Canadian Coverage of 777 at F.R. Woody's

I was interviewed by the "The Daily Journal" in International Falls regarding my visit tomorrow night to local legend Barry "Woody" Woods drinking establishment, F.R. Woody's Pub. The "Fort Francis Times" also did an article and an online version is available is available as well. Fort Francis is right across the river from Ranier so, assuming they can get past the border guards, there may be some Canadians on hand for the celebration. It they are lucky they will also be allowed back into Canada when it is over.

You can check out the Fort Francis article by clicking below.

  • Visit To Woody's

    Dave said...

    I found the website for "The Daily Journal" in International Falls. Here is a link to the article about number 777:

    josh williams said...

    I was astounded that Canada had beer?! I am happy they are treating you well and... Do you think Europe and other places have beer? Do you speak Canadian? Gaw! I am very proud of you and wish you and yourn the best. JW